User Account and Authentication

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This topic provides an overview of the User Account and Authentication (UAA) documentation.


UAA is an open source identity server project under the Cloud Foundry Foundation.

UAA provides enterprise scale identity management features and identity-based security for applications and APIs. It supports open standards for authentication and authorization.

UAA Overview

This topic explains the purpose and architecture of UAA.

For more information, see UAA Overview.

UAA Concepts

This topic explains some of the high-level concepts behind UAA.

For more information, see UAA Concepts.

Identity Providers in UAA

This topic explains how different types of Identity Providers (IDPs) interact with UAA.

For more information, see Identity Providers in UAA.

UAA Performance Metrics

This topic identifies and describes global, Virtual Machine (VM), and JVM (Java Virtual Machine) metrics.

For more information, see UAA Performance Metrics.


UAA also has a documented public API.