CredHub Maestro Tile Compatibility

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Note: If you are a Pivotal Platform tile owner and you see one of these is out of date, please reach out to the CredHub team.

Product Name Product Slug Minimum Required Version Compatible Notes
DataStax Enterprise Service Broker for PCF p-dse-cassandra-service-broker 1.0.2 Yes
Enterprise PKS pivotal-container-service n/a No
File Integrity Monitoring Add-on for PCF p-fim 2.0.0 Yes
IPsec Add-on for PCF ipsec n/a No IPsec uses its own rotation method. For more information, see Rotating Active IPsec Certificates in the IPsec Add-On for PCF documentation.
Metric Store (alpha) p-metric-store n/a No
Metrics Forwarder for PCF p-metrics-forwarder 1.11.4-build.20 Yes
Pivotal Cloud Foundry Metrics apmPostgress 1.6.2-build.1 Yes
Monitoring Indicator Protocol for PCF p-monitoring-indicator-protocol 1.0.0-beta4.1 Yes
MySQL for PCF v2 pivotal-mysql n/a No
PCF Event Alerts p-event-alerts 2.9.1-build.1 Yes
Pivotal Anti-Virus p-antivirus 2.2.2 Yes
Pivotal Anti-Virus Mirror p-antivirus-mirror 2.2.2 Yes
Pivotal Application Service cf 2.8.2-vuild.11 Yes
Pivotal Application Service for Windows pas-windows 2.9.0-build.65 Yes
Pivotal Cloud Cache p-cloudcache n/a No
Pivotal Compliance Scanner p-compliance-scanner 1.2.16 Yes
Pivotal Healthwatch p-healthwatch 1.8.0-build.66 Yes
Pivotal Isolation Segment p-isolation-segment 2.8.2-build.8 Yes
Pivotal Push Notification Service p-push-notifications 1.10.6-build.6 Yes
Pivotal Telemetry pivotal-telemetry-om n/a No
RabbitMQ for PCF p-rabbitmq n/a No
Redis for PCF p-redis 2.3.2 Yes
Reliability View Exporter for PAS (Beta) p-reliability-view-pas-exporter 0.4.0-build.124 Yes
Reliability View for PCF (Beta) p-reliability-view 0.4.0-build.124 Yes
Reliability View Exporter for PKS (Beta) p-reliability-view-pks-exporter 0.4.0-build.124 Yes
Scheduler for PCF p-scheduler 1.2.30-build.1 Yes
Service Broker for AWS aws-services 1.4.14 Yes
Single Sign-On for PCF Pivotal_Single_Sign-On_Service 1.11.0 Yes
Small Footprint Pivotal Application Service cf 2.8.2-build.11 Yes
Spring Cloud Data Flow for PCF p-dataflow 1.6.6 Yes
Spring Cloud Services for PCF p_spring-cloud-services 3.1.5 Yes
Spring Cloud Gateway p_spring-cloud-gateway-service 1.0.0 Yes
VMware NSX-T Container Plug-in for PCF VMware-NSX-T 2.5.1 Yes