Using BOSH Resurrector and vSphere HA

This topic describes the BOSH Resurrector and vSphere High Availability (HA), as well as how to enable them for your Pivotal Platform deployment.

Pivotal recommends BOSH Resurrector, vSphere HA, and a highly-available storage solution to protect the VMs in your deployment.

BOSH Resurrector

The following sections describe the BOSH Resurrector and how to enable it.

About BOSH Resurrector

The BOSH Resurrector increases Pivotal Application Service (PAS) availability in the following ways:

  • Reacts to hardware failure and network disruptions by recreating virtual machines on active, stable hosts
  • Detects operating system failures by continuously monitoring virtual machines and recreating them as required
  • Continuously monitors the BOSH Agent running on each virtual machine and recreates the VMs as required

The BOSH Resurrector continuously monitors the status of all virtual machines in an PAS deployment. The Resurrector also monitors the BOSH Agent on each VM. If either the VM or the BOSH Agent fail, the Resurrector recreates the virtual machine on another active host.

BOSH Resurrector Limitations

The following limitations apply to using the BOSH Resurrector:

  • The Resurrector does not monitor or protect the Pivotal Operations Manager VM or the BOSH Director VM.
  • The Resurrector might not be able to resolve issues caused by the loss of an entire host.
  • The Resurrector does not monitor or protect data storage.

To mitigate these limitations, Pivotal recommends vSphere HA. For more information, see vSphere HA below.

Enable BOSH Resurrector

To enable the BOSH Resurrector:

  1. Log into the Ops Manager web interface.

  2. On the Product Dashboard, select BOSH Director.

    Director tile vmware

  3. In the left navigation menu, select Director Config.


  4. Select Enable VM Resurrector Plugin and click Save.

vSphere HA

The following sections describe vSphere HA and how to enable it.

About vSphere HA

In the event of a host failure, vSphere HA restarts but does not recreate VMs on alternate ESXi hosts in the same cluster. A host failure could result from a sudden power off, crash due to hardware fault, or the vSphere host becoming disconnected from the network. BOSH Resurrector cannot recover from a host failure.

For more information, see vSphere High Availability in the BOSH documentation.

Enable vSphere HA

Follow the steps below to enable vSphere High Availability:

  1. Launch the vSphere Management Console.

  2. Right-click the cluster that contains the Pivotal Platform deployment and select Edit Settings.

  3. Select the Turn on vSphere High Availability checkbox.

    Enable ha

  4. Click OK to enable vSphere High Availability on the cluster.