Using the Ops Manager UI

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This topic explains how to start using the Pivotal Operations Manager UI, and lists other content about the Ops Manager UI.

Ops Manager operators can configure Ops Manager using a dashboard-style interface. The Ops Manager UI lets you make installation-wide modifications to Ops Manager, including updates to authentication methods, security and networking configuration, and more.

Advanced users can configure Ops Manager by accessing the Ops Manager API. For information about configuring Ops Manager with the API, see Using the Ops Manager API.

Access the Ops Manager UI

Ops Manager is accessible at its unique URL, which was assigned during the initial Pivotal Platform setup process. For more information about setting up Pivotal Platform, see Installation Overview.

Browser Support

The Ops Manager UI is accessible from any internet-enabled host. It is compatible with current and recent versions of all major browsers.

Pivotal recommends using the current version of Chrome, Firefox, or Safari for the best Ops Manager experience.