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Welcome to documentation for Ops Manager and the Tanzu Application Service runtimes. This topic describes Ops Manager and provides documentation starting points for different Ops Manager users and perspectives.

What is the Ops Manager platform?

Ops Manager is a multi-cloud enterprise platform for running, managing, and optimizing distributed apps and workloads. It offers runtime environments that manage containers using either Kubernetes or Diego.

The Ops Manager platform provides a layer of abstraction that:

  • Lets platform operators manage shared resources on one or more cloud infrastructures.

  • Hides the complexity of those infrastructures from developers delivering software on the platform.

  • Optimizes resource usage and workload uptime.

Operators manage the platform and its shared resources by using the Ops Manager Installation Dashboard, the Ops Manager API, or Platform Automation. For more information, see Using Ops Manager.

Runtimes and Services

Ops Manager provides a platform for the runtime environments and software services for the hosted workloads to use. The runtime environments manage, host, and update software workloads.

Available runtimes are:

  • VMware Tanzu Application Service for VMs (TAS for VMs)
  • Tanzu Kubernetes Grid Integrated Edition (TKGI)
  • VMware Tanzu Application Service for VMs [Windows] (TAS for VMs [Windows])
  • VMware Tanzu Application Service for VMs [Small Footprint]

For more information about runtime environments, see Ops Manager Runtimes.

For runtime and service documentation, see VMware Tanzu Docs.

Where to Start in the Documentation

The most relevant places to start in this documentation depend on the roles you expect to fulfill with Ops Manager, its runtimes, and services.

The topics linked below list documentation starting points for these roles:

For New Users

For a general introduction to Ops Manager runtimes and how they work, see:

For Ops Manager Operators and Architects

Platform operators and architects assess Ops Manager, plan network topologies, and determine Ops Manager deployment needs. They also install, configure, upgrade, monitor, back up, troubleshoot, and generally maintain an existing Ops Manager deployment.

For planning and installation documentation, see:

For documentation about managing Ops Manager after initial deployment, see the Operator Guide.

For Developers

Developers write and deploy apps, container workloads, and functions to Ops Manager. For developer documentation on Ops Manager runtimes, see:

For Ops Manager Tile Developers

VMware Tanzu partners develop their package software services as tiles for easy integration into Ops Manager. Platform operators install the tiles through a GUI, which lets the developers on the platform use the services.

Tile developers publish tiles on VMware Tanzu Network, where services and tiles are available for download.

For tile developer documentation, see the Ops Manager Tile Developer Guide.