Prerequisites for Installing NSX-T for Enterprise PKS

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This topic provides the prerequisites for installing NSX-T Data Center for use with VMware Enterprise PKS on vSphere.

Prerequisites for Installing NSX-T for Enterprise PKS

Before you install NSX-T for Enterprise PKS, complete the following prerequisites:

  1. Read the Enterprise PKS Release Notes for the supported versions of NSX-T Data Center.

  2. Read the NSX-T Data Center Release Notes for the NSX-T version you are installing.

  3. Review the NSX-T installation documentation for the version of NSX-T you are installing.

  4. Read the topics in Preparing to Install Enterprise PKS on vSphere with NSX-T Data Center in the Enterprise PKS documentation.

Next Step

Install the NSX Manager Unified Appliance for Enterprise PKS using the OVA template file.

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Installing and Configuring NSX-T for Enterprise PKS.

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