Add vCenter as the Compute Manager for NSX-T

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This topic provides instructions for adding vCenter as the Compute Manager for NSX-T Data Center.


Make sure you have completed all preceding NSX-T installation tasks.

About the Compute Manager

A Compute Manager is an application that manages resources such as hosts and VMs. VMware Enterprise PKS deployments on vSphere with NSX-T use vCenter as the compute manager.

Add vCenter as the Compute Manager

Complete the following steps to add vCenter as the Compute Manager:

  1. From your browser, log in with admin privileges to NSX Manager at https://NSX-MANAGER-IP-ADDRESS.

  2. In NSX-T Manager, select System > Fabric > Compute Managers > Add.

  3. Configure the Compute Manager as follows:

    • Name: Enter the name to identify the vCenter Server.
    • Description: Optionally add details such as the number of clusters in the vCenter Server.
    • Domain Name/IP Address: Enter the IP address of the vCenter Server.
    • Type: Keep the default option, vCenter.
    • Username and Password: Enter the vCenter Server login credentials.
    • SHA-256 Thumbprint: Leave the thumbprint value blank.
  4. Click Add.

  5. Click Add again.

    • Since you left the thumbprint value blank, you are prompted to accept the server-provided thumbprint.
    • After you accept the thumbprint, it takes a few seconds for NSX-T Data Center to discover and register the vCenter Server resources.
  6. Verify that the vCenter Compute Manager is successfully Registered and its connection status is Up.

  7. If the Compute Manager is not registered, troubleshoot as necessary.

Next Step

Add NSX Manager Nodes.

Installation Instructions

See Installing and Configuring NSX-T Data Center v2.5 for Enterprise PKS.

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