Ongoing Operations

The topics in this section explain how to perform routine operations on a running Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF) platform.


Ongoing operations are procedures that PCF operators routinely perform to keep the platform working as it should, or to change how it works if the platform needs to do something new or has a problem.

Examples include:

  • Performing PCF upgrades
  • Making changes to your IaaS and external components
  • Monitoring platform health, checking logs and generating usage reports
  • Tuning the platform eliminate bottlenecks or increase capacity
  • Giving developers access to new software services, stacks, and app capabilities
  • Backing up and restoring the platform

In addition to these tasks, PCF operators also routinely perform Day 2 configurations to configure or change platform features and integrations even well past Day 2.



IaaS Changes

Monitoring, Logging, and Reporting

Platform Tuning

Enabling Developers

Backing Up