PCF v2.6 Feature Highlights

This topic highlights important new features included in Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF) v2.6.

PCF Ops Manager Highlights

Ops Manager v2.6 includes the following important major features. For additional information about these and other features included in Ops Manager v2.6, see PCF Ops Manager v2.6 Release Notes.

Ops Manager Supports Multiple Stemcells for Products

Ops Manager supports products that require multiple stemcells. This means it is no longer necessary to deploy separate tiles for products that require different stemcells.

Product Deployment Times from API and Change Log Page

Ops Manager publishes deployment times for individual products and whole deployments through the /api/v0/installations endpoint and Change Log page.

Compiled Release Assets Included in BOSH Deployment Manifest

Ops Manager now automatically includes the exported_from field in the releases section of the BOSH deployment manifest file. The exported_from field contains the compiled release assets for the deployment and prevents BOSH from updating every VM with later versions of packages during a BOSH deployment. This saves time and reduces unexpected VM updates.

API Endpoint Returns Deployment Configuration Details

The /api/v0/staged/products/:product_guid/pre_deploy_check Ops Manager API endpoint returns configuration details about a deployment. This allows you to verify the details of your deployment before clicking Apply Changes, and to troubleshoot failed deploys.

AWS Deployments Use 5th Generation Instances

Ops Manager v2.6 uses the latest generation of instances for AWS deployments. When you upgrade to Ops Manager v2.6, your VM types convert to the corresponding 5th generation instance types, such as t2 to t3 and c4 to c5.

Tile Developers Can Implement a Form Verifier to Confirm vSphere Properties

An optional form verifier is available that notifies tile operators when they have configured vSphere properties incorrectly.

Pivotal Application Service (PAS) Highlights

PAS v2.6 includes the following important major features. For additional information about these and other features included in PAS v2.6, see Pivotal Application Service v2.6 Release Notes.

Push Apps with Sidecar Processes (Beta)

You can run additional processes, or sidecars, in the same container as your app. Sidecars are useful for processes that depend on each other or must run in the same container. This includes processes that must communicate through localhost or share the same filesystem, such as an Application Performance Monitoring (APM) tool.

Enable, View, and Rollback Revisions for Apps

PAS supports revisions for apps. A revision is an object that represents code and configuration used by an app at a specific time. Some uses cases for revisions include rolling back your app to a previous version and viewing changes in your app over time. You can also add metadata to revisions.

Monitor System Metrics with System Metrics Agent

System Metrics Agent allows you to more easily correlate VM metrics with BOSH jobs. These VM metrics help with troubleshooting and diagnosing issues for potential infrastructure problems.

Loggregator Syslog Agent Increases Scale For Syslog Drains

Syslog Agents run on PCF component VMs and host VMs to manage connections with and write to syslog drains for app logs. The addition of Syslog Agents increases the number of syslog drain service bindings supported by the Loggregator system and reduces the workload for Loggregator VMs.