Overview of Logging and Metrics

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This topic provides an overview of logging and metrics in Cloud Foundry (CF). It includes information about logs and metrics sources and transport systems. It also lists products for viewing logs and metrics.

Sources of Logs and Metrics

There are two sources of CF logs and metrics:

  • CF platform components, such as a Diego Cell, MySQL Server, or Cloud Controller
  • Apps and app containers deployed on CF

The table below describes the data included in logs and metrics from each source.

Source Logs Data Metrics Data
Platform components Logs from CF components
  • Health metrics from BOSH-deployed VMs*
  • Platform metrics from CF components. For example, cell capacity remaining and router throughput.
  • Metrics for any service tile that self-publishes to the Loggregator Firehose. For example, Redis and MySQL.
Apps Logs from apps **
  • App container metrics. For example, CPU, memory, and disk usage.
  • Custom metrics ***

* For more information about using the BOSH Health Monitor to collect health metrics on VMs, see Configuring a Monitoring System.

** For more information about app logging, see Application Logging in Cloud Foundry.

*** For more information about configuring an application to stream custom metrics to Loggregator, see Metrics Forwarder for PCF.

Transport Systems for Logs and Metrics

The following transport systems deliver logs and metrics from their source to an observability product for viewing:

  • Loggregator: Loggregator is the transport system for both logs and metrics on apps deployed on CF as well as metrics on CF platform components. For more information about the Loggregator system, including Loggregator architecture and components, see Overview of the Loggregator System.
  • rsyslogd on CF component VMs: rsyslogd is the transport system for CF component logs. Users can configure rsyslogd to transport component logs to a third-party syslog server.

The table below lists the transport system for logs and metrics on CF platform components and apps.

Source Logs Transport System Metrics Transport System
Platform components rsyslogd on CF component VMs Loggregator
Apps Loggregator Loggregator

Viewing Logs and Metrics

The table below lists the products and tools for viewing CF logs and metrics.

Source Products and Tools for Viewing Logs Products and Tools for Viewing Metrics
Platform components To view system logs from CF components, configure rsyslogd to transport logs to a third-party product. You can use the following products or tools to view platform component and VM metrics:
Apps You can use the following products or tools to view app logs: You can use the following products or tools to view app metrics: