Reviewing Pending Product Changes

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Warning: Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF) v2.4 is no longer supported because it has reached the End of General Support (EOGS) phase as defined by the Support Lifecycle Policy. To stay up to date with the latest software and security updates, upgrade to a supported version.

This topic describes the Review Pending Changes page and how to selectively deploy individual or multiple tiles in Ops Manager. Deploying tiles selectively can drastically reduce deployment time.

Review Pending Changes Page

The following screenshot shows the Review Pending Changes page. Features called out with red letters are described below.

Screenshot of the 'Review Pending
        Changes' page. For a description of each labeled section, see the list

Each labeled section of the Review Pending Changes page works as follows:

  • ASelect All Products: When enabled, the checkbox selects all available products. When disabled, the checkbox deselects all available products.

  • BSelect Product: The checkboxes next to each product listing allow you to select the tiles you want to deploy. The BOSH Director is always selected.

  • CProduct Listing: Each product listing displays the version of the product staged for deployment. The top of each listing shows one of the following three colors:

    • Green—Tile is configured and ready for deployment.
    • Orange—Tile is not fully configured and cannot be deployed yet.
    • Red—Tile is pending deletion.
  • DDepends on: This section lists tile dependencies and versions. If you choose to deploy a tile that has dependencies, you must also deploy all of that tile’s dependencies in the same deployment.

  • EWarnings:—Red text in orange product listings indicates changes you need to make before you deploy the tile. You might see some of the following warnings:

    • Missing stemcell—You must import and stage a stemcell with Stemcell Library. The warning links to the Stemcell Library.
    • Stemcell out of date—You must update the stemcell of your tile in Stemcell Library. For more information, see Importing and Managing Stemcells.
    • Configuration is incomplete—You must complete the configuration of your tile.
    • Configuration is invalid—You must resolve your tile’s invalid configurations.
  • FChanges: This section lists high-level pending changes to the product that Ops Manager has not yet attempted to deploy. When Ops Manager tries to deploy a product but the deployment fails, it clears this list and the pending changes are retained for the next deployment. To see if your product deployed successfully, see Change Log Page.

    Listed changes include:

    • Tile deletion is staged.
    • Tile version is updated.
    • Stemcell is updated.
  • GErrands: If you expand this section, you can enable or disable errands that trigger when that tile deploys. For example, you may enable an errand to log properties. For more information, see Managing Errands in Ops Manager.

  • HApply Changes: Clicking this button deploys all enabled tiles.