Messaging (NATS)

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Warning: Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF) v2.3 is no longer supported because it has reached the End of General Support (EOGS) phase as defined by the Support Lifecycle Policy. To stay up to date with the latest software and security updates, upgrade to a supported version.

This information was adapted from the NATS README. NATS is a lightweight publish-subscribe and distributed queueing messaging system written in Ruby. Ops Manager sends all NATS traffic using Transport Layer Security (TLS) encryption by default.

Install NATS

$ gem install nats
# or
$ rake geminstall

$ nats-sub foo &
$ nats-pub foo 'Hello World!'

Basic Usage

require "nats/client"

NATS.start do

  # Simple Subscriber
  NATS.subscribe('foo') { |msg| puts "Msg received : '#{msg}'" }

  # Simple Publisher
  NATS.publish('', 'Hello World!')

  # Unsubscribing
  sid = NATS.subscribe('bar') { |msg| puts "Msg received : '#{msg}'" }

  # Requests
  NATS.request('help') { |response| puts "Got a response: '#{response}'" }

  # Replies
  NATS.subscribe('help') { |msg, reply| NATS.publish(reply, "I'll help!") }

  # Stop using NATS.stop, exits EM loop if NATS.start started the loop


Wildcard Subscriptions

# "*" matches any token, at any level of the subject.
NATS.subscribe('foo.*.baz') { |msg, reply, sub| puts "Msg received on [#{sub}] : '#{msg}'" }
NATS.subscribe('*') { |msg, reply, sub| puts "Msg received on [#{sub}] : '#{msg}'" }
NATS.subscribe('*.bar.*')   { |msg, reply, sub| puts "Msg received on [#{sub}] : '#{msg}'" }

# ">" matches any length of the tail of a subject and can only be the last token
# E.g. 'foo.>' will match '', '', ''
NATS.subscribe('foo.>') { |msg, reply, sub| puts "Msg received on [#{sub}] : '#{msg}'" }

Queues Groups

# All subscriptions with the same queue name will form a queue group
# Each message will be delivered to only one subscriber per queue group, queuing semantics
# You can have as many queue groups as you want
# Normal subscribers will continue to work as expected.
NATS.subscribe(subject, :queue => 'job.workers') { |msg| puts "Received '#{msg}'" }

Advanced Usage

# Publish with closure, callback fires when server has processed the message
NATS.publish('foo', 'You done?') { puts 'msg processed!' }

# Timeouts for subscriptions
sid = NATS.subscribe('foo') { received += 1 }
NATS.timeout(sid, TIMEOUT_IN_SECS) { timeout_recvd = true }

# Timeout unless a certain number of messages have been received
NATS.timeout(sid, TIMEOUT_IN_SECS, :expected => 2) { timeout_recvd = true }

# Auto-unsubscribe after MAX_WANTED messages received
NATS.unsubscribe(sid, MAX_WANTED)

# Multiple connections
NATS.subscribe('test') do |msg|
    puts "received msg"

# Form second connection to send message on
NATS.connect { NATS.publish('test', 'Hello World!') }