Reviewing Pending Product Changes

This topic describes the “Review Pending Changes” Ops Manager page and how to selectively deploy individual or multiple tiles.

Note: The feature to selectively deploy tiles is in beta. Submit feedback through your product architect or directly by emailing

Review Pending Changes Page

The following screenshot shows the “Review Pending Changes” page. Each section is labeled with a red letter. Click the image to see it at full size.

Screenshot of the 'Review Pending Changes' page. For a description of each labeled section, see the list below.

The following list describes each labeled section of the “Review Pending Changes” page:

  • ABOSH Director: The BOSH Director tile is always enabled and always deploys. In the screenshot, the BOSH Director tile has a green border to indicate that it is fully configured.

  • BApply Changes Checkbox: Enable the checkbox next to each tile to indicate which tiles you want to deploy.

  • CErrands: If you expand this section, you can enable or disable errands that trigger when that tile deploys. For example, you may enable an errand to log properties.

  • DDepends on: This section lists tile dependencies and versions. If you choose to deploy a tile that has dependencies, you must also deploy all of that tile’s dependencies in the same deployment.

  • EMissing stemcell: Tiles cannot deploy without a stemcell. Go to Stemcell Library to upload a stemcell. For more information, see Importing and Managing Stemcells.

  • FApply Changes: Clicking this button deploys all enabled tiles. If orange tiles are enabled or if green tiles are enabled without their tile dependencies, the button is grayed out and not clickable.

Selectively Deploy Tiles

From the “Review Pending Changes” page, you can deploy a selection of tiles rather than all tiles in Ops Manager. Choosing to selectively deploy tiles can drastically reduce deployment time.

To use selective deployment, perform the following steps:

  1. Go to Review Pending Changes BETA from the Ops Manager Installation Dashboard.

  2. Enable the tiles you want to deploy. When you enable a tile, you must also enable that tile’s dependencies. Tiles and their dependencies always deploy together.

  3. Click Apply Changes.

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