Managing Orgs and Spaces Using Apps Manager

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This topic discusses how to view and manage orgs and spaces in Apps Manager.

Note: To manage a space, you must have Space Manager permissions in that space.

To perform the following steps, you must first log in to Apps Manager with an account that has adequate permissions. See the About Permissions topic for more information.

Manage an Org

The org page displays the spaces associated with the selected org. The left navigation of Apps Manager shows the current org.

To view spaces in a different org, use the drop-down menu to change the org.

Select Org

To view the page for a particular space, click the space on the org page or on the left navigation. To create a new space, click Add a Space at the bottom of the org page.

Org settings

To rename the current org, click the Settings tab. Enter the new org name in the Org Name section and click Update.

From the Settings tab, you can also view the spaces assigned to your isolation segment in the Isolation Segment Entitlements section. For more information, see Isolation Segments.

Manage a Space

The space page displays the apps, service instances, and routes associated with the selected space.

Space apps view


The Apps tab shows the Status, the Name, the number of Instances, the amount of Memory available, the time since the Last Push, and the Route for each app.

Apps in space


The Services list shows the Service, the Name, the number of Bound Apps, and the Plan for each service instance. If you want to add a service to your space, click Add Service. For more information about configuring services, see the Services Overview topic.

Services space


From the Routes tab, you can view and delete routes associated with your space. For each Route, the tab shows Route Service and Bound Apps. Refer to the Route Services topic to learn more about route services.

Routes tab


From the Settings tab, you can do the following:

  • Modify the space name by entering a new name and clicking Update.
  • View the Application Security Groups (ASGs) associated with the space in the Security Groups section.
  • View the space’s isolation segment assignment in the Isolation Segment Assignment section. For more information, see Isolation Segments.
  • Delete the space by clicking Delete Space.

Rename space

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