Enabling PAS Users

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The topics in this subsection explain how to manage user accounts and enable the users of a Pivotal Application Service (PAS) runtime on Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF).


PAS-based runtimes are opinionated development environments with built-in structures to compartmentalize, support, and track multiple independent app development teams. Enabling PAS users means:

  • Inviting new users and assigning user roles
  • Setting up and managing user notifications
  • Setting up orgs, spaces, and segments for developer users to work in
  • Giving developers access to software services and buildpacks
  • Giving developers and security objects
  • Enabling secure traffic between apps
  • Integrating PAS with container systems and development environments

In addition to these tasks, PAS managers may also deploy apps, create service instances, and perform other tasks that PAS app developers do.


User Accounts and Communications

Enabling Developers

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