Logs and Metrics Sources

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Cloud Foundry logs and metrics come from several sources.

  • Loggregator is the next generation logging and metrics system for Cloud Foundry (CF). Loggregator aggregates metrics from applications and CF system components and streams these out to the Cloud Foundry Command Line Interface (cf CLI) or to third-party log management services. See Loggregator for Operators for more information.

  • CF components can also forward syslog logs in syslog format directly to a syslog drain, bypassing Loggregator.

  • The BOSH Health Monitor continually listens for one heartbeat per minute from each deployed virtual machine (VM). These heartbeats contain status updates and lifecycle events. Health Monitor can be extended by plugins to forward heartbeat data to other CF components or third-party services.

Cloud Foundry supports all of these metrics pipelines. Data from each of these sources can be streamed to a variety of services including the following:

  • JMX Bridge
  • Datadog
  • AWS CloudWatch

See Using Log Management Services for more information about draining logs from Pivotal Application Service.

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