Pivotal Cloud Foundry v1.7

Backing Up and Restoring Pivotal Cloud Foundry

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This section explains how to back up and restore critical backend components. The exact procedures you follow depend on where your deployment stores its backend data. Consider the following points:

  • If your deployment uses external databases (for example, AWS RDS) then you must back up your data according to the instructions provided by your database provider.

  • If your PCF deployment originated from 1.5.x or earlier, follow the backup/restore instructions for PostgreSQL databases and for the MySQL server.

  • If your PCF deployment originated from 1.6.0 or later, follow the backup/restore instructions for the MySQL server (but not those for PostgreSQL databases).

  • If you do not know the original version of your PCF deployment, perform the following steps to determine what databases your deployment uses:

    1. From the Ops Manager Installation Dashboard, click Pivotal Elastic Runtime.
    2. Click Databases to determine whether your deployment uses internal databases with MySQL and PostgresQL, internal databases with MySQL only, or external databases. Db location

To create a backup, see the Backing Up Pivotal Cloud Foundry topic.

To restore a backup, see the Restoring Pivotal Cloud Foundry from Backup topic.

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