Configuring a KMS Host

This topic describes how to configure a KMS host that your volume-licensed Windows cell can register with.

To configure a KMS host, you edit the runtime config for your BOSH Director to include the Windows Utilities Release, which provides BOSH jobs intended to be used as addons.

Configure a KMS Host

  1. Follow the steps in the Log into BOSH section of the Advanced Troubleshooting with the BOSH CLI topic to target and log in to your BOSH Director. The steps vary slightly depending on whether your PCF deployment uses internal authentication or an external user store.

  2. Use the BOSH CLI v2 to show your current runtime config by running bosh2 -e YOUR-ENV runtime-config. For example:

    $ bosh2 -e gcp runtime-config

  3. Copy the contents of your existing runtime config into a new YAML file.

  4. Include the Windows Utilities Release in your new runtime config:

        - name: windows-utilities
          version: 0.3.0
  5. Include the KMS configuration in your new runtime config:

        - name: kms-addon
          - name: set_kms_host
            release: windows-utilities
                host: some-kms-host.privatedomainname
                port: 12345 # defaults to 1688
            - os: windows2012R2
  6. Update the BOSH Director with your new runtime config. For example:

    $ bosh2 -e gcp update-runtime-config config.yml

  7. Redeploy the PCF Runtime for Windows tile by navigating to the Ops Manager Installation Dashboard and clicking Apply Changes.

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