Stemcell Release Notes

This topic provides an overview of the Stemcell versions used by Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF).

Stemcells are available for download on the Stemcells for PCF page on Pivotal Network. Once downloaded, you can upload them to your deployment using the Stemcell configuration pane of a given tile.

To find out which stemcell version is used by which tile version, check the release notes for the tile.

Alternatively, if you have uploaded the tile, you can check the Stemcell configuration pane of the tile for PCF v2.0 and earlier or the Stemcell Library for PCF v2.1 or later.

Note: A stemcell is a versioned OS image that BOSH uses to create VMs for the BOSH Director, Pivotal Application Service (PAS), and other PCF Service tiles, such as MySQL for PCF. For more information, see What is a Stemcell? in the BOSH documentation.

Stemcell Lines

Each stemcell line has a corresponding release notes section. See the links below:

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