Identifying Elastic Runtime Jobs Using vCenter

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To effectively monitor, control, and manage the virtual machines making up your Elastic Runtime deployment, you may need to identify which VM corresponds to a particular job in Elastic Runtime. You can find the CID of a particular VM from Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF) Operations Manager by navigating to Elastic Runtime > Status.

If you have deployed Elastic Runtime to VMware vSphere, you can also identify which Elastic Runtime job corresponds to which VM using the vCenter vSphere client.

Note: The CID shown in Ops Manager is the name of the machine in vCenter.

Identifying Elastic Runtime Jobs Using vCenter

  1. Launch the vSphere client and log in to the vCenter Server system.

  2. Select the Inventory > Hosts and Clusters view.

    Host cluster

  3. Select the Resource Pool containing your Elastic Runtime deployment.


  4. Select the Virtual Machines tab.

    Vm tab

  5. Right-click the column label heading and check job.


  6. The job column displays the Elastic Runtime job associated with each virtual machine.


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