Installing the Loggregator Firehose Plugin for cf CLI

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The Loggregator Firehose plugin for the Cloud Foundry Command Line Interface (cf CLI) allows Cloud Foundry (CF) administrators access to the output of the Loggregator Firehose, which includes logs and metrics from all CF components.

See Using cf CLI Plugins for more information about using plugins with the cf CLI.


  • Administrator access to the Cloud Foundry deployment that you want to monitor
  • Cloud Foundry Command Line Interface (cf CLI) 6.12.2 or later

Refer to the Installing the cf CLI topic for information about downloading, installing, and uninstalling the cf CLI.

Install the Plugin

  1. Run cf add-plugin-repo REPO-NAME URL to add the CF Community plugin repository to your cf CLI plugins.

    $ cf add-plugin-repo CF-Community

  2. Run cf install-plugin -r PLUGIN-REPO PLUGIN-NAME to install the Firehose plugin from the CF Community plugin repository.

    $ cf install-plugin -r CF-Community "Firehose Plugin"

View the Firehose

Run cf nozzle --debug to view the streaming output of the Firehose, which includes logging events and metrics from CF system components. For more information about logging and metrics in CF, see Overview of the Loggregator System.

$ cf nozzle --debug

Note: You must be logged in as a Cloud Foundry administrator to access the Firehose.

Uninstall the Plugin

Run cf plugins to see a list of installed plugins.

$ cf plugins
Listing Installed Plugins...
Plugin Name      Version   Command Name   Command Help
FirehosePlugin   0.6.0     nozzle         Command to print out messages from the firehose

Run cf uninstall-plugin PLUGIN-NAME to uninstall the plugin.

$ cf uninstall-plugin FirehosePlugin

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