Configuring DNS for PCF on AWS

This topic describes how to configure DNS for Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF) deploying the CloudFormation template on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Step 1: Open the Outputs Tab in AWS Stacks

  1. In the dashboard of your AWS Console, click CloudFormation. The Stacks Dashboard displays.

    Note: If you are deploying to AWS GovCloud, use the AWS GovCloud (US) console.

  2. Select the pcf-stack checkbox, then select the Outputs tab.

    Aws cloudform stacks

    In the steps described below, use the information from the Value column of the Outputs tab to configure your PCF installation.

Step 2: Configure DNS Records

  1. From the Outputs tab, record the Value associated with each load balancer DNS name Key.
    • PcfElbWebDnsName
    • PcfElbSshDnsName
    • PcfElbTcpDnsName
  2. Click Instances on the left navigation to view your EC2 instances.
  3. Select the PcfOpsManInstance instance.
  4. On the Description tab, record the value for IPv4 Public IP.
  5. Navigate to your DNS provider and create the following CNAME and A records:
    • CNAME: *, *, and * points to the DNS name of the PcfElbWeb load balancer.
    • CNAME: points to the DNS name of the PcfElbSsh load balancer.
    • CNAME: points to the DNS name of the PcfElbTcp load balancer.
    • A: points to the public IP address of the PcfOpsManInstance EC2 instance.

Next Steps

After you complete this procedure, follow the instructions in these topics:

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