Recommended GCP Quotas

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Default quotas on a new GCP subscription will not have enough quota for a typical production-level PCF deployment.

To view production-level deployment options for PCF on GCP, see the Reference Architecture for Pivotal Cloud Foundry on GCP.

The following table lists recommended resource quotas for a PCF deployment running about 100 app instances:

Resource Suggested Minimum Quota
CPUs Region Specific 150
Firewall Rules 15
Forwarding Rules 5
Global Forwarding Rules 5
Global Backend Services 5
Health Checks 10
Images 10
Static IP Addresses Region Specific & Assuming SNAT topology 5
IP Addresses Global 5
IP Addresses Region Specific & Assuming SNAT topology 5
Networks 5
Subnetworks 5
Routes 20
Target Pools 10
Target HTTP Proxies Global 5
Target HTTPS Proxies Global 5
Total persistent disk reserved (GB) Region Specific 15,000

For instructions on how to set up GCP resources required to deploy PCF, see Preparing to Deploy PCF on GCP.

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