Pivotal Cloud Foundry v1.11

Managing Domains and Routes

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If you are an administrator, you can manage custom shared domains and wildcard routes.

For additional information about managing routes and domains, refer to the following topic:

Creating a Shared Custom Domain

You can use a registered domain of your own and associate it with all organizations in your account. Use the cf create-shared-domain command to create a shared custom domain available to all organizations in your account.

For example:

$ cf create-shared-domain

Deleting a Shared Custom Domain

Use the cf delete-shared-domain command to delete a shared domain:

$ cf delete-shared-domain

Note: Deleting a shared domain removes all associated routes, making any application with this domain unreachable.

Creating a Wildcard Route

Use the cf create-route command with a wildcard route by specifying the host as *. The star operator, *, signals a wildcard route to match any URL that uses your domain, regardless of the host.

Note: You must surround the * with quotation marks when referencing it using the CLI.

For example, the following command created the wildcard route “*” in the “development” space:

$ cf create-route development -n "*"
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