PCF Metrics v1.6

PCF Metrics Release Notes and Known Issues

This topic contains release notes for Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF) Metrics.


Release Date: January 10, 2019

New Features in PCF Metrics v1.6

The following list describes what’s new in PCF Metrics v1.6:

  • Support for automated application metric and event monitors configuration
  • Improved logs datastore integrity via configurable Postgres Pruning
  • Ability to configure the PCF Metrics tile to forward logs to a syslog endpoint (for PCF 2.4 and beyond)
  • Xenial stemcell support

Known Issues

The following sections describe the known issues in PCF Metrics v1.6.

Push Apps Errand Doesn’t Complete

We are currently investigating an issue in PCF Metrics where the push apps errand does not complete, stalling the installation of PCF Metrics.

If the errand hangs on new installations of PCF Metrics 1.6, please kill the errand and attempt your installation again.

Once PCF Metrics 1.6 has been successfully installed, this errand can be disabled for subsequent builds of PCF Metrics.

Triggered Monitor Notifications (Beta) via Webhook with Proxy Settings

Metric and Event Monitors (Beta) will currently not send notifications to configured webhook URLs while http_proxy settings are enabled.

Compatibility with Pivotal Application Service (formerly Elastic Runtime)

PCF Metrics v1.6.x requires the following versions of Pivotal Application Service:

  • v2.2: v2.2.2 and later
  • v2.3: all patches within minor
  • v2.4: all patches within minor

Compatibility with Pivotal Cloud Foundry Operations Manager

PCF Metrics v1.6.x requires the following versions of Pivotal Cloud Foundry Operations Manager:

  • v2.2: v2.2.9 and later
  • v2.3: v2.3.3: and later
  • v2.4: all patches within minor

Upgrade Compatibility with PCF Metrics 1.4

In order to successfully run both PCF Metrics 1.4 and 1.6 simultaneously during the upgrade period, ensure the 1.4 tile is updated to 1.4.6 or later. 1.4.5 and older will not support the secondary metrics URL metrics-previous.YOUR-SYSTEM-DOMAIN that allows the 1.4 dashboard to be viewed.

For more information about upgrading to PCF Metrics v1.6, see Installing PCF Metrics.

Using Custom App Metrics

To use custom app metrics in PCF Metrics, you must install the Metrics Forwarder tile and bind your apps to the Metrics Forwarder service. You can use PCF Metrics without Metrics Forwarder, but you will be able to view only default container metrics, network metrics, and app events.

Delay in Ingesting Metrics

To prevent metrics data backup in Redis, ensure that each app does not emit more than 400 metrics per minute. For deployments with a high number of apps, you may still experience a delay of up to 1-2 hours before metrics data appears on the dashboard.

Logs Data Availability During Postgres Scaling

When you vertically scale your Postgres instance in PCF Metrics 1.6, Postgres enters an unhealthy period during which it does not ingest any new logs data until the scaling operation has completed.

For more information about scaling the Logs Postgres datastore, see Sizing PCF Metrics for your System.

Data Loss During Stemcell Upgrades

No metrics or logs data will be ingested during a stemcell or VM update. In tests on tile environments, stemcell updates resulted in approximately 9 minutes where logs data was not ingested.

Logs Data Export Limitation

Due to security, call pagination, and resource constraints, downloaded logs are limited to 10,000 log-line entries. If you need to export more logs data, we suggest looking directly at the Loggregator Firehose or utilizing the Log Cache CLI.

Smoke Test Failures Due to User Authentication

The PCF Metrics Smoke Test errand may fail if your deployment authenticates user sign-ons with an external SAML identity provider or an external LDAP server. In some cases, these external user stores have an additional login procedure that prevents the errand from authenticating with the deployment and validating against the Metrics API.

If you experience this issue, disable the Smoke Test errand in the PCF Metrics tile and click Apply Changes to run the install again.

For more information about what configurations lead to this failure, see Configure Authentication and Enterprise SSO in Configuring Elastic Runtime.

For Operators Who Deploy PCF Metrics Using BOSH

If both of the following are true, you might experience issues while using PCF Metrics:

  • You deploy PCF Metrics using BOSH instead of using the PCF Metrics tile in Ops Manager.
  • You use self-signed certificates.

Pivotal recommends using certificates issued by a Certificate Authority for BOSH deployments of this product.

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