PCF Healthwatch v1.1

Using PCF Healthwatch

This topic describes how to use Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF) Healthwatch.

Accessing PCF Healthwatch

You can access PCF Healthwatch and its data through the PCF Healthwatch UI or directly through the service datastore. In addition, PCF Healthwatch forwards the metrics that it creates into the Loggregator Firehose.

Access the PCF Healthwatch UI

To access the PCF Healthwatch UI, do the following:

  1. Navigate to healthwatch.SYSTEM-DOMAIN.
  2. When prompted to log in, enter the username and password of a UAA user that has the scope.

    The UAA admin user has the scope by default. If you want to log in with another UAA user, make this user a member of the group. For more information, see Allow Additional Users to Access the PCF Healthwatch UI.

Access Data Through MySQL

You can access metrics data through the PCF Healthwatch datastore. See PCF Healthwatch Metrics for the description of available data points.

The table below provides login information.

URL Any of the MySQL VM IPs
Port 3306
Username MySQL Admin Password credentials in the PCF Healthwatch tile
Password MySQL Admin Password credentials in the PCF Healthwatch tile
Database platform_monitoring
Tables value_metric, counter_event, and super_value_metric

To access the MySQL datastore, you can do the following:

  • Method 1. Use BOSH to SSH into any of the MySQL VMs and run the mysql -u root -p command.

  • Method 2. Assign an external IP to a MySQL VM and a firewall rule to open ports 3306 and 3308 and access MySQL externally.

  • Method 3. Open a tunnel into your IaaS network and connect that way externally.

Access Super Metrics Through the Firehose

PCF Healthwatch forwards the super metrics that it creates into the Loggregator Firehose so that they can be picked up by existing Firehose consumers. Below is an example of a product-generated metric output received through a Firehose nozzle.

origin:"healthwatch" eventType:ValueMetric timestamp:1502293311588995438 deployment:"p-healthwatch-e7f044a5cf4f0a807750" job:"healthwatch-forwarder" index:"06231d64-ad9f-4112-8423-6b41f44c0cf5" ip:"" valueMetric:<name:"Firehose.LossRate.1H" value:0 unit:"hr">
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