PCF Healthwatch v1.1

PCF Healthwatch Architecture

This topic describes the architecture of Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF) Healthwatch.

PCF Healthwatch Components

The diagram below shows the architecture of PCF Healthwatch, including the PCF components that PCF Healthwatch interacts with.

Healthwatch architecture

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Note: As of PCF Healthwatch v1.1.5, the Ingestor and Loader have been combined and are no longer separate components.

PCF Healthwatch deploys several apps as part of its installation process. These apps are responsible for creating the service UI and supporting functional health checks.

How Data Flows Through PCF Healthwatch

Data flows through PCF Healthwatch as follows:

  1. In PCF, all platform metrics are forwarded to the Loggregator Firehose by default. The PCF Healthwatch Ingestor app consumes these platform metrics from the Firehose and loads them, using the Loader app, into the PCF Healthwatch datastore.
  2. PCF Healthwatch creates additional metrics and stores them in the super_value_metric table. These metrics are then forwarded back into the Firehose for external consumption by existing customer solutions. For more information, see PCF Healthwatch Metrics.

    Note: PCF Healthwatch forwards back into the Firehose only these additional metrics. The service does not forward platform metrics that are already available to the Firehose consumers.

All ingested and service-created data points are currently stored in the PCF Healthwatch datastore for 25 hours and then pruned.

Functional Apps Created by PCF Healthwatch

PCF Healthwatch creates the following functional apps:

  • BOSH Director health check: the bosh-health-check app
  • BOSH deployment task check: the bosh-task-check app
  • CLI command health check: the cf-health-check app
  • Canary app uptime and response check: the canaryapp-health-check app
  • Ops Manager uptime check: the opsmanager-health-check app
  • PCF Healthwatch self-monitor and report: the healthwatch-meta-monitor app

For information about scaling these PCF Healthwatch resources, see PCF Healthwatch Resources.

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