Using PCF Dev

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Note: If you are using PCF Dev v0.30 or earlier, see Using PCF Dev (Legacy).

This topic describes how to use PCF Dev to target instances, push an application, and list available marketplace services.

Log in to Your PCF Dev Instance

After starting your PCF Dev instance, use the cf login command with the -a flag to target its API:

$ cf login -a --skip-ssl-validation

To log in as a regular user, enter the following credentials when prompted by the cf CLI:

  • Email: user
  • Password: pass

To log in as an admin user, enter the following credentials when prompted by the cf CLI:

  • Email: admin
  • Password: admin

The terminal displays your API system domain when you run cf dev start. In most cases, your API system domain is, but it may differ slightly depending on your host system configuration.

Push an App

Follow the procedure below to push an app to your PCF Dev instance.

  1. Navigate to your app directory.

  2. Run cf push APP-NAME. Replace APP-NAME with a name of your choice.

For more information about pushing apps to your deployment, see the Pushing an App topic.

For more information about using the cf CLI, see the Getting Started with the cf CLI topic.

List Marketplace Services

PCF Dev supports marketplace services, giving developers access to Spring Cloud Services, Redis, RabbitMQ, and MySQL.

In order to view the list of available services, run cf marketplace in a terminal window. Services that are not started will not appear in marketplace.

$ cf marketplace
Getting services from marketplace in org pcfdev-org / space pcfdev-space as admin...

service      plans        description
p-mysql      512mb, 1gb   MySQL databases on demand
p-rabbitmq   standard     RabbitMQ is a robust and scalable high-performance multi-protocol messaging broker.
p-redis      shared-vm    Redis service to provide a key-value store

To undeploy a service run cf dev stop and redeploy the services of your choosing.

For more information about using marketplace services, see the Using Services in PCF Dev topic.

Use Apps Manager

When you start PCF Dev, Apps Manager starts automatically. Follow the procedure below to access Apps Manager.

  1. Navigate to

    Note: If PCF Dev started on a domain other than, then the Apps Manager URL is different. For example, if you log in to PCF Dev at, then navigate to to access Apps Manager.

  2. The first time you open Apps Manager after starting the PCF Dev, your browser shows a dialog or page about the security certificate. Choose to connect to the Apps Manager URL. Alternatively, you can run cf dev trust to add the PCF Dev certificate to your OS certificate store. See here for more details.

  3. Log in using admin/admin or user/pass. The Pivotal PCF Dev page appears:

    Apps Manager