Using a Local OVA with PCF Dev

Note: This functionality is not supported in the current version of PCF Dev. Use PCF Dev v0.30 for PCF v1.11 or earlier for this functionality.

This topic describes how to use PCF Dev with a local Open Virtualization Appliance (OVA). By default, PCF Dev tries to download a pre-determined OVA at startup. You can configure PCF Dev to import an OVA instead when Internet access is restricted.

  1. Run cf dev version to determine the OVA version of your PCF Dev installation.

    $ cf dev version
    PCF Dev version 0.19.0 (CLI: 27d4cda, OVA: 0.234.0)

    This command outputs the CLI and OVA version and the Git SHA of the CLI. In this example, the OVA version is 0.234.0.

  2. Download the OVA file.

    OVA files are available on the Pivotal Network. To download the OVA, click on the corresponding file in the release, for example pcfdev-v0.234.0.ova. You must be signed in and accept the EULA to download the OVA.

  3. Run cf dev import PATH-TO-OVA-FILE to import the OVA file. Replace PATH-TO-OVA-FILE with the path to your downloaded OVA file.

    $ cf dev import ~/Downloads/pcfdev-v0.234.0.ova
    OVA version 0.234.0 imported successfully.

    This command copies the OVA file into your $PCFDEV_HOME directory. You can only import the version of the OVA that corresponds to the version of your PCF Dev CLI plugin. All other OVAs are deleted.

  4. Run cf dev start.