PCF Application Watchdog Release Notes and Known Issues

Version 1.0.0-beta0

Release Date: TBD 2016

Important Note regarding Beta status

Currently, the tile is a non-production beta release because the server component has read/write access to Cloud Controller. A future release of Pivotal Cloud Foundry Elastic Runtime will support access with more limited scope.

The Application Watchdog application scanning component also runs with the read/write Cloud Controller scope. Droplets, which may contain untrusted code, are analysed by the scanning component. We are re-architecting Application Watchdog to isolate access to the Cloud Controller from the application scanning component.

Application Watchdog will be generally available when these two issues are addressed. In the meantime, Application Watchdog should only be used in a lab environment.


  • This is the first internal beta release of PCF Application Watchdog.
  • This release supports scanning Java and Ruby applications.
  • Dependency information is considered reliable.

Known Issues

  • Deployment fails if you try to use a MySQL service plan with size under 1 GB.
  • If a deploy fails for any reason, manually destroy the Application Watchdog space and database before retrying. Run the following commands:

    $ cf target -o system
    $ cf delete-space appdog
    $ cf delete-service appdog_db
  • Application Watchdog only functions if connected to the Internet. There is no support for airgapped environments or proxies.

  • License information is only available for Java applications.

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