Using WSO2 Identity Server for VMware Tanzu

This topic describes how to use WSO2 Identity Server.

Using WSO2 Identity Server

View Status

In Ops Manager, select the WSO2 Identity Server for VMware Tanzu tile, then select the Status tab to see the status of all WSO2 Identity Server nodes. In this tab, you can see information such as CPU usage, memory usage, and other information.


Access Dashboards

After the installation is complete, the management console, and dashboard can be accessed via the following URLs where domain_name refers to the domain name of the VMware Tanzu environment.

  • https://wso2is.<system_domain_name>/carbon/

The management console is an administrative portal that allows identity admin users to configure and work with WSO2 Identity Server capabilities.

  • https://wso2is.<system_domain_name>/dashboard/

The WSO2 IS dashboard allows end users to manage the user profile or the user account, add security questions, revoke/update the password, manage user profile, and view identity providers. This is also known as account self-service.

Access Logs

To access log files for WSO2 Identity Server for VMware Tanzu components,

  1. Select the WSO2 Identity Server for VMware Tanzu tile in Ops Manager.
  2. Open the Status tab.
  3. Request a download of the log file by selecting the download icon in the LOGS column. Log-download

  4. Go to the Logs tab to download the log file locally. Log-main


WSO2 Identity Server for VMware Tanzu 5.7.0 Documentation.