Release Notes for WSO2 Identity Server

These are release notes for WSO2 Identity Server.


Release Date: November 19, 2019

Features included in this release:

  • Adaptive Authentication

    Adaptive authentication is a secure and flexible form of authentication where you need to validate multiple factors to determine the authenticity of a login attempt, before you grant access to a resource. Following evaluation criteria should be met to perform adaptive authentication,

    • User attributes
    • User behavior
    • Level of assurance with regard to the access request
    • Risk analysis statistics
    • Machine learning algorithms
  • User Managed Access(UMA) 2.0

    UMA is an protocol written using OAuth2 protocol, to provide the resource owner to control the authorization of data sharing and other protected-resource access made between online services on the owner’s behalf, or with the owner’s authorization by an autonomous requesting party. WSO2 Identity Server currently supports basic level UMA features which users can control through provided APIs.

  • Integration with Office 365

    With this feature, WSO2 Identity Server acts as the Identity Provider and handles user synchronization with Microsoft cloud. Role based on-demand user synchronization and the group based license management are the two special features of WSO2 IS solution. It also provides heterogeneous user store support, multi-factor authentication and SSO/SLO with other enterprise and community application.

Fixed issues in this release:

Known issues in this release: