WombatOAM reference


The logs are in rel/wombat/wombat/log. debug.log contains all log messages; wombat.log contains only error, warning and info messages. These log files can be backed up using the scripts/wombat-debug.sh script.

WombatOAM data

All data (the list of nodes, node families, collected metrics, etc.) is stored in the rel/wombat/wombat/data/ directory. If you want a fresh start, delete this directory. The disk usage information of these data files can be collected using the scripts/wombat-debug.sh script.

Managing older Erlang nodes

The WombatOAM agents module are compiled with an older Erlang/OTP version (R14B04) as WombatOAM itself. This way WombatOAM can manage nodes that run R14B04 or newer Erlang/OTP.

Multiple WombatOAM instances

You can run multiple WombatOAM instances on the same machine, but you need to modify the wombat.config files to make sure that different instances use different ports and different directories for storing data.


If you would like to see graphical gauges showing the current value of a few numeric metrics, the metrics need to be specified in the wombat.config file. You can find a sample configuration in sys.config.

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