Using Vormetric Transparent Encryption for Pivotal Platform (Beta)

This topic describes the use of the Vormetric Transparent Encryption (VTE) for Pivotal Platform tile after it has been successfully installed. This topic also provides an overview of the VTE tile and troubleshooting information to help address some of the issues that may arise during or after the installation.

Use VTE for Pivotal Platform

The VTE for Pivotal Platform works transparently after the successful installation and configuration of all the required components (VTE, MySQL, and Data Security Manager [DSM]). Thereafter, the VTE tile protects the data stored within the Pivotal Platform product with file-level encryption and access control.


The VTE add-on is a BOSH runtime configuration used to protect on-demand products deployed in the Pivotal Platform platform. The VTE addon is packaged as a tile with the following two components:

  • VTE BOSH: a package of VTE binaries and scripts for life-cycle management
  • Registration Service: a web application responsible for generating registration data based on a mapping between a Pivotal Platform organization and space to a Vormetric DSM domain

The VTE BOSH release collocates with each VM instance of the product it protects. The Registration Service, which supports multi-tenancy, is an application deployed in a Diego Cell. The following diagram depicts interactions among the components.

Interactions among the Components Overview of Components

VTE Startup Process

After the VTE binary is installed in the designated directory of /var/vcap/jobs/vte_agent, the startup process goes as follows (see the previous diagram for a depiction of the numbered steps described in this section):

  1. VTE queries the Registration Service REST API for registration data based on the on-demand service instance identifier and the deployment application name.

  2. Registration Service queries the Cloud Controller REST API for the organization and space information based on the service instance identifier.

  3. Cloud Controller returns the organization and space information to the Registration Service.

  4. Registration Service generates the registration data based on the data returned from the Cloud Controller and the mapping rule configured in the tile and returns the data to the VTE.

  5. VTE backs up the default registration data and registers with the DSM.

  6. VTE and DSM exchange certificates and complete the registration.

Startup and Shutdown Sequence

To ensure the data stored within the Pivotal Platform product is protected from the beginning, the VTE must start before the service instance of the deployment application starts and stop after the instance stops. The following diagrams illustrate the dependency between the VTE and the service instance it protects:

Startup Sequence Startup Sequence * MySQL instance

Shutdown Sequence Shutdown Sequence * MySQL instance

Registration Service API


The Registration Service supports Basic Authentication over TLS for API access.


Registration Information

The endpoint returns the data required for the VTE to register with the DSM.

POST /v1/registrations/info
Request payload:
  "instanceId" : <service_instance_uuid>,
  "appName" : <deployment_app_name>

Response payload:
  "instanceId" : <uuid_string>,
  "appName" : <deployment_app_name>,
  "serverHost" : <dsm_host_name>,
  "domain" : <dsm_domain_name>,
  "hostGroup" : <dsm_host_group>,
  "secret" : <registration_secret>,
  "hostDescription" : <dsm_host_description>,
  "orgName" : <pivotal_organization_name>,
  "spaceName" : <pivotal_space_name>

Example Curl Script

curl -u 1f6261c0a2f91e39:hb2iua6dyf6mmNvocuiOvS_J-0by2XW1 \
     -k \
     -X POST \
     -d '{"instanceId" : "c039070f-e8c4-4d85-98a1-1555ca59325e", "appName" : "mysql"}' \
     -H "Content-Type: application/json"

  "hostGroup":"Pivotal Platform_MYSQL",

Environment Variables

The endpoint returns a list of environment variables with the passwords redacted.

GET /envs

Example Curl Script

curl -k
     -X GET
     -H "Content-Type: application/json"

----- ENV -----
CF_ADMIN_USERNAME = system_services
CF_ADMIN_PASSWORD = <redacted>
VCAP_APPLICATION = {"application_id":"1e983426-b75e-4491-a6ea-21eda2f1a104","application_name":"vormetric-registration-service-0.0.93","application_uris":[""],"application_version":"2f7a8ab5-727f-4db8-bd52-164d7d99a54f","cf_api":"","host":"","instance_id":"2cd1a409-7f3c-42bd-5f98-da5c","instance_index":0,"limits":{"disk":1024,"fds":16384,"mem":1024},"name":"vormetric-registration-service-0.0.93","port":8080,"space_id":"3a1d9986-c44e-4b74-b39f-86ba77318834","space_name":"vte-addon-space","uris":[""],"version":"2f7a8ab5-727f-4db8-bd52-164d7d99a54f"}
REG_SHARED_SECRET = <redacted>
REG_DOMAIN_MAPPING = {"value":"fixed","selected_option":{"reg_fixed_domain":"pivotal"}}
SECURITY_USER_NAME = cc17110846207e7e
===== ENV =====

Health Check

Health Check

The endpoint returns the version of the Cloud Controller API and the name of the registration service.

GET /health

Response payload:
  "apiVersion" : <cloud_controller_api_version>,
  "appName" : <application_name>

Example Curl Script

curl -k \
     -X GET \
     -H "Content-Type: application/json"

  "apiVersion" : "2.103.0",
  "appName" : "vormetric-registration-service-0.0.93"


The following tips are for troubleshooting configuration and installation issues. All log files are located in the /var/vcap/sys/log/ directory.

To debug VTE specific issues, use the command line utilities bundled with the VTE agent. Refer to the matching version of the VTE Agent Installation and Configuration Guide for more information.

VTE Agent Fails to Install


The pre-start log in the syslog directory indicates installation failure.


The most common reason for a VTE installation failure is due to an unsupported kernel. Make sure that the VM kernel is supported by the VTE.

Downgrading the stemcell may be necessary to fix the issue.

VTE Agent Fails to Register


The vmd process fails to start in monit summary. The pre-start log indicates registration failure.


The registration configuration contains invalid data. Make sure that the data configured in the VTE tile match the data configured in the DSM.

Access to Directory Denied


The pre-start log of the service instance indicates access to a directory is denied. The audit logs on the DSM console indicates a violation of the security policy.


The process set in the DSM security policy could be misconfigured. Make sure the process violating the policy is whitelisted with the correct access.

VTE Tile Upgrade Failure


The mysql processes fails to start in monit summary. The pre-start error log indicates failure. For example:

mysql/9cbec8b8-daff-48f2-bc6c-d49a4e28b060:/var/vcap/bosh_ssh/bosh_2dc0a7c2e4eb4ac# cat /var/vcap/sys/log/mysql/pre-start.stderr.log
------------ STARTING mysql_ctl at Wed Jun 6 22:25:12 UTC 2018 -------------- mkdir: cannot create directory '/var/vcap/store/mysql/data': File exists


It is a known issue that the VTE tile upgrade fails in some cases. Make sure to uninstall the old VTE tile before installing the new one.

Generate VTE Agent Logs

If contacting Thales Support is necessary, run /opt/vormetric/DataSecurityExpert/agent/vmd/bin/agentinfo to collect VTE agent logs. A tarball of all agent information will be generated in the current directory.

Connection to Registration Service Timed Out


The pre-start.stderr.log shows that the curl command to the Registration Service timed out.


The MySQL for Pivotal Platform tile is not configured to allow outbound internet access from service instances. In the Global Settings pane of MySQL for Pivotal Platform, enable Assign Public IP Addresses for all Service VMs. For information, see Configure Global Settings.