Using Sumo Logic Nozzle for VMware Tanzu

This topic describes how to use Sumo Logic Nozzle for VMware Tanzu.

Using the Sumo Logic Nozzle

After installation, the Sumo Logic Nozzle is available in the Apps Manager.

  1. From the system drop-down menu, select sumo-logic-nozzle-org.

  2. Under Apps, select the name of the build you want. For example, sumo-logic-nozzle-0.1.0-build3. Selectnozzle

  3. Push the Start button to begin running the nozzle. Selectplay

  4. Cloud Foundry will provision the VMs and begin running the nozzle service.

Using Sumo Logic

After you have installed the Sumo Logic Nozzle for VMware Tanzu tile and started running the nozzle service, you can begin ingesting data into Sumo Logic and running searches. If this is your first time using Sumo Logic, see Building a Search Query.

You can also create dashboards and alerts in Sumo Logic.


Troubleshooting information for Sumo Logic sources is available in Sources FAQ.