Release Notes for Stark & Wayne kStreams™ for PCF

These are release notes for Stark & Wayne kStreams™ for PCF.


Release Date: November 17, 2017

  • Includes Apache Kafka v1.0.0
  • Some Kafka client libraries prefer to look up Kafka via ZooKeeper, so all new service bindings will now include zkPeers as a comma-separated list of ZooKeeper peers. An example of service binding credentials is:

      "hostname": ",,",
      "topicName": "67f85c81-ee6f-4791-b169-864f2e18d929",
      "uri": "kafka://,,",
      "zkPeers": ",,",
  • New service plan shared for advanced users, such as Spring Cloud DataFlow, who will dynamically create topics and have their own system for sharing the topic names with producers/consumers.

  • Service broker is now run by BOSH as an instance group kafka-service-broker, and no longer run as an Pivotal Cloud Foundry application. After upgrading to v0.8.0 you can subsequently delete the old starkandwayne-kstreams-broker application:

    cf target -o system -s starkandwayne-kstreams
    cf delete starkandwayne-kstreams-broker
    cf delete-service redis-for-kafka
  • Service broker no longer requires Redis, nor the Pivotal Redis for PCF tile, as a dependency. It uses the existing ZooKeeper cluster for its state about service instances and their Kafka topics.

  • Several BOSH instance groups are using bpm (BOSH process manager) to containerize and run their processes.

  • Various improvements to the catalog when viewed within your Pivotal Apps Manager


Release Date: November 15, 2017

  • Fix to deregistering the service broker during uninstallation


Release Date: November 3, 2017

  • Initial Beta Release
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