Installing and Configuring Stark & Wayne kStreams


  • Pivotal Ops Manager®
  • Pivotal Cloud Foundry®
  • Redis for PCF®

Confirm Redis for PCF is Installed

On the Ops Manager dashboard, confirm that Redis for PCF is already installed.


  1. Under the Import a Product button, click + next to the version number of Stark & Wayne kStreams™ for PCF. This adds the tile to your staging area.
  2. Click the Stark & Wayne kStreams™ for PCF tile.
  3. Choose your network under the tab “Assign AZs and Networks”.

Upload Tile

  1. Download the product tile from the Pivotal Network.
  2. Navigate to the dashboard of Ops Manager.
  3. Click Import a Product.
  4. Select the sw-kafka-X.Y.Z.pivotal file to upload.

Install and Configure Stark & Wayne kStreams

  1. The “Stark & Wayne kStreams” product appears in the “Available Products” list.
  2. Click Add to move it to the Installation Dashboard. The first time you upload/install the tile, it will appear with a green lower border. This means it is ready to be installed; there is no additional mandatory configuration that you will need to provide.
  3. Return to the Ops Manager dashboard via the “< Installation Dashboard” link at the top left. The Stark & Wayne kStreams tile is now ready to be installed.
  4. Click Apply Changes.


The starkandwayne-kstreams service should be available to all users after installation. Observe it in the marketplace:

cf marketplace

The output will look like:

Getting services from marketplace in org system / space sw-kafka as admin...

service                 plans      description
starkandwayne-kstreams     topic      Share a single topic on shared Kafka
                        shared     Create your own topics on shared Kafka

Create Service

To confirm that you and your users can create and delete Kafka database:

cf create-service starkandwayne-kstreams topic test-kafka

Delete Service

To destroy the test databases:

cf delete-service test-kafka -f
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