Managing the Message VPN

Developers can manage the Message VPN associated with a service instance by connecting to the VMR with the SolAdmin administration tool.

Retrieve Information

To retrieve the information required to connect to the VMR, perform the following steps:

  1. Log in to your deployment and choose the org and space where your Solace Messaging service instance and bound app exists.
    $ cf login
    API endpoint: https://api.YOUR-SYSTEM-DOMAIN
  2. View the VCAP_SERVICES environment variable by retrieving the environment variables associated with your bound app:
    $ cf env YOUR-APP
  3. Locate your Solace Messaging service instance in VCAP_SERVICES and record the following fields:
    • managementHostnames: The VMR’s management hostnames
    • When Management Access is set to VMR Internal
      • managementUsername: The service instance’s management username
      • managementPassword: The service instance’s management password
    • When Management Access is set to LDAP Server
      • The management username and password are to be provided by the LDAP Administrator

        For more information about the VCAP_SERVICES fields, see the Understanding Credentials topic.

Connect to the Solace VMR

The managementHostnames are externally accessible FQDNs and can be used directly from within SolAdmin. The procedure is as follows:

  1. Download and install the SolAdmin administration tool from the Solace Developers Portal Download Page.
  2. Start SolAdmin.
  3. Click Manage to open the Manage Appliance window. Soladmin manage
  4. Under Management Host, enter the management hostname of the VMR recorded above.
  5. Under User Name and Password, enter the management username and password recorded above.
  6. Click Ok. The VMR should now appear in the Managed Appliances list. Soladmin router list
  7. To learn how to use SolAdmin to manage your Message VPN, see the included context specific tool help within the SolAdmin tool itself.
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