SMB Volume Service for PCF


Shared Volumes are distributed file systems that allow instances of an application to share the same mounted volume and access it concurrently.

The Shared Volume Service for SMB enables SMB driver support, so Azure file service and SMB shared folders can be used by the Shared Volume Service.

The SMB Volume Service Broker for PCF exposes the SMB service in the Marketplace. It installs SMB driver in every Diego cell, provides credentials, and the SMB share URL for Cloud Controller to mount SMB shares in a Diego cell. An application can bind to the service to use persistent SMB storage, such as Azure files.

Key Features

SMB Volume Service for PCF supports following systems as persistent storage. These allow application instances to use as shared file system:

  • Microsoft Azure File Service
  • SMB Shares

Product Snapshot

The following table provides version and version-support information about SMB Volume Service for PCF.

Element Details
Tile version v1.0.0
Release date December 24, 2018
Software component version v0.2.3
Compatible Ops Manager version(s) v2.0.x, v2.1.x, v2.2.x, and v2.3.x
Compatible Pivotal Application Service version(s) v2.0.x, v2.1.x, v2.2.x, and v2.3.x
IaaS support Microsoft Azure
IPsec support? No


SMB Volume Service for PCF has the following requirements:

  • A Microsoft SQL, or MySQL database for storing the broker’s status.
  • Existing SMB shares if you only need to utilize SMB share, or Microsoft Azure Service Principal for provision of Azure File to be served as SMB shares.


If you have a feature request, questions, or information about a bug, please email Pivotal Cloud Foundry Feedback list or send an email to Microsoft Azure Cloud Foundry Engineering.


Apache License Version 2.0

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