Using PagerDuty Service Broker for PCF

This topic describes how to use PagerDuty Service Broker for Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF).

Create and Bind a Service Instance with the cf CLI

  1. Log in to your deployment and target the org and space where you installed PagerDuty Service Broker for PCF.

    $ cf login
    $ cf target -o YOUR-ORG -s YOUR-SPACE

  2. List the marketplace services and locate the PagerDuty service shown as p-pagerduty.

    $ cf marketplace

  3. Create an instance of the PagerDuty service, replacing SERVICE-NAME with your preferred service instance name.

    $ cf create-service p-pagerduty standard SERVICE-NAME

  4. Bind the PagerDuty service instance to an app, replacing APP-NAME with your app name and SERVICE-NAME with your service instance name.

    $ cf bind-service APP-NAME SERVICE-NAME

  5. Restage the app for the service binding to take effect, replacing APP-NAME with your app name.

    $ cf restage APP-NAME

  6. The VCAP_SERVICES environment variable of your app now contains links to documentation to help you to connect the app to PagerDuty. The documentation is also available directly on the PagerDuty website.

    $ cf env APP-NAME

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