ISS Knowtify Search Analytics for Pivotal Cloud Foundry

This documentation describes ISS Knowtify Search Analytics for Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF). The ISS Knowtify Search Analytics integrates log analytics, search, ingestion, and visualization with the PCF Loggregator system.

Note: This product was previously known as Knowtify Log Analytics for Pivotal Cloud Foundry.



After installing the ISS Knowtify Search Analytics tile, PCF operators can navigate to a URL in a browser to access the ISS Knowtify Search Analytics dashboard. The dashboard shows near-real-time data about the deployment in a customizable analytic display.

The features of ISS Knowtify Search Analytics include the following:

  • Based on Apache Solr, the open-source enterprise search platform
  • Designed to be dynamically scalable to 50 Apache Solr nodes and hundreds of millions of documents
  • Visualizes data from multiple data sources

Product Snapshot

The following table provides version and version-support information about ISS Knowtify Search Analytics for PCF:

Element Details
Version v1.0.1.2
Release date July 26, 2016
Software component version Knowtify Search Analytics v1.0.1.1
Compatible Ops Manager version(s) v1.5.x, v1.6.x, v1.7.x
Compatible Elastic Runtime version(s) v1.4.x, v1.5.x, v1.6.x, v1.7.x


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