JFrog Artifactory

Note: The JFrog Artifactory service is deprecated, and no further development will be made against this tile.

Resource requirements for JFrog Artifactory for Pivotal Cloud Foundry

These are the default resource and IP requirements for installing the tile

Product Resource Instances CPU Ram Ephemeral Persistent Static IP Dynamic IP
JFrog Artifactory NGINX Server 1 2 2048 4096 0 1 0
JFrog Artifactory NFS Server 1 2 4096 4096 8192 1 0
JFrog Artifactory Artifactory High Availability nodes 2 2 4096 4096 0 1 0


  • The NFS Server instance count cannot be increased
  • The Artifactory High Availability nodes instance count is fixed to two nodes
  • The nginx job can be scaled out horizontally
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