Using Honeycomb Nozzle for PCF

This topic describes how to use Honeycomb Nozzle for PCF.

After installation, the Honeycomb Nozzle for PCF transparently sends log events to Honeycomb.

View Events

To see the events:

  • Log in to your Honeycomb account.
  • You will see several new Datasets prefixed by the letters CF (eg CF Logs, CF Errors, etc.)
  • Click through to one of them and begin constructing queries! ** Each application running on your PCF installation has its own app ID and name ** Try a Breakdown by logAppId and logAppName and a Calculation of COUNT - this will show you the volume of traffic per app in your system. Cf logs query

For more details on how to use Honeycomb, refer to the Honeycomb docs

View Statistics

To see statistics that the nozzle reports to Honeycomb:

  1. Log in to
  2. Use the Log Messages dataset.
  3. Under the Samples tab, check the field named hnyNozzleAppID.
  4. Record the value you see there. It should look something like f787b2bb-e2e6-4d66-9cc0-e5491ebedbf3.
  5. In the query builder, apply a filter: logAppId = YOUR-APP-ID
    Where YOUR-APP-ID is the value recorded in the step above.

After building this query, you see one event per second reporting the total number of events parsed and any errors.


If you don’t see any events showing up in Honeycomb, do the following:

  • Verify that the Write Key works for sending events to Honeycomb via curl. You should get a 200 response back and see the dataset created and see the event in the Samples tab on the top of the screen. curl -X POST -H "X-Honeycomb-Team: YOUR-WRITE-KEY-HERE" \ -d '{"key":"val","key2":"val2"}' -vvv
  • Check the logs for the tile (via the cf logscommand in a terminal) for anything that looks like an error, for example:

    • Trouble talking to the CF API
    • Trouble authenticating with the CF API
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