Installing and Configuring Hazelcast for PCF

This topic describes how to install and configure Hazelcast for Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF).

Complete the following steps to download and install the Hazelcast for PCF tile on Ops Manager.

  1. Download the product file from Pivotal Network.

  2. Navigate to the Ops Manager Installation Dashboard and click Import a Product to upload the product file.

  3. Click Add next to the uploaded Hazelcast for PCF tile in the Ops Manager Available Products view to add it to your staging area.

  4. Click the newly added Hazelcast for PCF tile.


  5. Click Assign AZs and Networks. In the AZ and Network Assignments pane, do the following:

    1. Select the Network in which to deploy the Hazelcast Service Broker.
    2. Select the Service Network in which to create VMs for Hazelcast.
    3. Click Save. Az
  6. Click First On-demand plan. In the Hazelcast on-demand plan pane, do the following:

    1. Enter a Plan name.
    2. Enter a Plan description.

      For an example of how the plan name and description appear on the command line, see Step 1 in the Using Hazelcast for PCF topic.

    3. Specify the number of Hazelcast instances for this plan. This property defines the number of Hazelcast instances to be created. It can be overridden for each service instance when creating a service instance by using instanceCount parameter. See Step 2 in the Using Hazelcast for PCF topic for more information.

    4. Select a Hazelcast VM type. Choose a suitable VM type according to your data size and processing power requirements.

    5. If you are planning on using features like Hot Restart that require a persistent disk, select a Hazelcast Disk type. Otherwise, you can leave this option empty because Hazelcast, by default, does not require a persistent disk.

    6. Select the Hazelcast availability zone(s) in which to create VMs for this plan.

    7. Click Save. First plan

  7. If you want to modify the additional Hazelcast for PCF plans, repeat the step above to configure the second and third on-demand plans.

  8. Click Errands and ensure that both Register on-demand broker and Deregister on-demand broker are selected.

    These are necessary to create and destroy Hazelcast service instances. Errands

  9. Click Resource Config and review the IaaS resources used by the Hazelcast for PCF components. Do not modify these default settings. Resource config

  10. Click Stemcell and, if necessary, import the required stemcell. Stemcell

  11. Return to the Ops Manager Installation Dashboard and click Apply Changes to complete the installation of Hazelcast for PCF.

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