The GitLab Enterprise tile supports SSH access directly to GitLab nodes. All nodes share an SSH host-key that is generated securely by the tile.

GitLab users will need to add an SSH key to their account by following the guide on before they can access git functionality via SSH.

Direct access

Identity a GitLab node IP address via the resources tab in the GitLab tile.

Image of OpsManager GitLab Resources

If you have a firewall in place you will need to add an exception for the external IP address(s) that will be accessing the GitLab node via SSH. GitLab nodes listen on port 2222 for inbound git SSH traffic.

Example usage

git clone ssh://git@gitlab-node-ip:2222/user/repo.git

Access via Load Balancer

If you want to provide a more standard git experience you can manually set up and configure an external load balancer to point to a given GitLab node. This should route traffic from port 22 to port 2222 on the GitLab node. You can then point a DNS record at the load balancer.

Example usage

git clone


In the future we plan to use the Cloud Foundry TCP router (currently under development) to a provide a URL for SSH access. The git remote details on any cloned repo’s will need to be updated.