To install GitLab for Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF), follow the procedure for installing Pivotal Ops Manager tiles:

  1. Download the product file from Pivotal Network.
  2. Upload the product file to your Ops Manager installation.
  3. Click Add next to the uploaded product description in the Available Products view to add this product to your staging area.
  4. Click the newly added tile to review any configurable options.
  5. Populate all of the mandatory configuration options for GitLab, MySQL, Redis, SMTP, LDAP, etc.
  6. Click Apply Changes to install the service.
  7. Once deployed, visit the URL for the web dashboard. By default, this is
  8. Your first login experience will depend on your configured settings at time of deployment:
    1. If this is a new installation
    2. If you configured the Initial root password option
      1. Username: root
      2. Password: your entry in Initial root password
    3. If you did not configure the Initial root password option
      1. When you direct your browser to the installation, you will be directed to a password reset page for the root user.
      2. Configure a new password for the root account, and keep this safe.
      3. You will be redirected to log in
        1. Username: root
        2. Password: your newly configured password from the previous step.
    4. If this installation is an upgrade, re-use your previos username and password.

Adding new users

To add new users to the product:

  1. Visit the web dashboard. By default, this is
  2. Click Create new user.
  3. Populate all of the required details.
  4. Check email for confirmation mail.
  5. Confirm email address and log in.

Adding users from LDAP:

If you have configured LDAP for GitLab, the ability of users to log into to GitLab via LDAP credentials will be controlled by your settings there. See the documentation for LDAP in GitLab EE in addition to the LDAP settings for the Tile.

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