GitLab Configuration

The following properties can be configured for the GitLab tile

  • Route Name - Defaults to gitlab. This route is registered against the apps domain configured on the runtime tile. The URL is used to access the GitLab web interface. Only HTTPS connections are accepted, and attempts to connect over HTTP are automatically redirected to HTTPS.

  • Emails From - The address to be used when sending e-mail from GitLab, such as

  • Emails Reply-To - The reply to address to be used

  • Emails Display name - A “friendly” name shown to users in their Inboxes.

  • Initial root password - Password to pre-configure for the root user upon deployment of a new installation. This is not required, and will not be used during upgrades.

  • Enable Rack Attack - Checkbox for enabling Rack Attack for this deployment. Defaults to checked. Only disable if other security measures are in place.

Image of OpsManager GitLab configuration

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