Using GCP Stackdriver Nozzle for PCF

This topic describes how to use GCP Stackdriver Nozzle for Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF).

With the nozzle deployed, you can view logs and metrics from PCF in Stackdriver Logging and Stackdriver Monitoring. The logs and metrics available depend on the Events to subscribe to field that you set when Configuring Stackdriver Nozzle for PCF.

View Logs from PCF

Follow these steps to view streaming logs from PCF:

  1. Navigate to the Stackdriver Log Viewer for your GCP Project. Sign in with the same credentials you used to create your project.

  2. Select the Global resource and click on the Play button to see the logs streaming from your PCF deployment. Log viewer

    For more information about using the Logs Viewer, see the Stackdriver Log Viewer documentation

Monitor your PCF Deployment

Follow these steps to create a metrics chart:

  1. Navigate to the Stackdriver Monitoring Console for your GCP project.

  2. Select Dashboards > Create Dashboard.

  3. Click Add Chart. 3 add chart

  4. Select Custom Metrics under Resource Type.

  5. Choose a Metric Type and click Save to see your chart of metrics from PCF. 4 metric selected

    For more information, see the Stackdriver Monitoring documentation.

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