Installing and Configuring First Data Payments for PCF

This topic describes how Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF) operators can install and configure the First Data Payments Service Broker tile to make the service available to PCF developers.

Install the First Data Payments Tile

  1. Download the product file from Pivotal Network.

  2. From the PCF Ops Manager Installation Dashboard, click Import a Product to upload the product file.

  3. Under Available Products in Ops Manager, click Add next to the uploaded product description to add First Data Payments to your staging area.

  4. Click the newly-added First Data Payments tile. Review and complete any configurable options. The default values should work for almost all use cases.

  5. Click Save.

  6. Return to the Ops Manager Installation Dashboard and click Apply Changes to install the First Data Payments service.

  7. Select the TLS authority for the certificate you pasted in. If you are using a certificate trusted by a widely trusted authority, specify an Intermediate trust chain.

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