Installing and Configuring Edge Installer for PCF

This topic describes how to install and configure Edge Installer for Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF). Edge Installer for PCF lets PCF developers use Apigee Edge for Private Cloud v4.17.05 (Edge).

Installation Overview

During the installation, the following events occur:

  • Ops Manager creates a virtual machine (VM) for the Apigee Mirror Repo to host the Apigee yum repo, and makes sure that subsequent VMs have access to this repo.
  • Ops Manager then creates VMs and installs the Edge components that do not depend on other components, such as Zookeeper. Each Edge component is installed on its own VM.
  • Ops Manager then creates the next VM and installs the Edge components that do not depend on any other component except the components that have already been installed.
  • The apigee user is created on each VM.
  • The apigee-service utility is installed on each VM in case you have to log in to the VM to troubleshoot issues.

After the installation completes, use the Edge management API to provision an organization, and log in to the Edge UI to start creating API proxies. For more information, see Understanding APIs and API proxies.

Install Optional Edge Components

During the install process, you can optionally choose to install additional Edge components, including the following:

Installing these components may require you to perform additional onboarding or configuration steps.

Apigee BaaS and Developer Services portal both require an SMTP server. If installed, they use the same SMTP server as configured for Edge.

Install and Configure Edge Installer for PCF

  1. Download the product file from Pivotal Network.

  2. Navigate to the Ops Manager Installation Dashboard and click Import a Product to upload the product file.

  3. Click Add next to the uploaded Edge Installer for Pivotal Cloud Foundry tile in the Ops Manager Available Products view to add it to your staging area.

  4. Click the newly added Edge Installer for Pivotal Cloud Foundry tile.

  5. Configure the install as described at Installing Edge using Ops Manager.

  6. Return to the Ops Manager Installation Dashboard and click Apply Changes to complete the installation.

  7. Test the install as described in Test the installation.

  8. After the Edge Installer for PCF installation completes, you must provision Edge and any optional Edge components that you installed. For more information, see Provisioning organizations.

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